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Smalti Glass

Smalti glass is a type of mosaic glass that has been used for centuries in the creation of intricate and vibrant mosaic artworks. It is traditionally handcrafted in Italy and is valued by artists for its unique properties and appearance. Our smalti has been handcrafted in Asia by our glass artisans using these traditional methods.   

This beautiful Smalti Collection comes in over 70 different colours.

The colours are vivid and intense, with a unique finish that only smalti can give. 

Smalti glass is produced by pouring molten glass into flat molds to create thin slabs. These slabs are then cooled and broken into small pieces using special hammers or chisels. The resulting fragments have irregular shapes and sharp edges, which add texture and depth to mosaic artworks.

Smalti glass is particularly popular for Byzantine-style and contemporary mosaic designs, where its vibrant colors and reflective properties can be fully appreciated.


Each smalti piece is approx 17x6mm and 6mm thick.

250g approx 95 smalti tiles, and will cover an area of 12x12cm.


Smalti glass is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.