Grout Sealer & Waterproof Additive


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Mandala Arts new mosaic grout sealer & waterproof additive formula can be used in a number of practical and functional ways to save you time and money. It is acrylic based, which increases the strength and flexibility of the grout. It also reduces the growth of mould and provides water resistance and waterproofing to your grout when used correctly. This product will enhance the colour of the grout and also add a slight sheen finish.

Firstly, it is important to note that this product is both a grout sealer and a grout waterproof additive. It can also be used as a surface sealer for wood products and porous surfaces like terracotta and ceramic. This product is ideal for waterproofing your grout for birdbaths, outdoor pavers and outdoor art. This product is not recommended for large works like pools. It is best to speak to your local hardware specialist for the best advice on large scale sealing.

Mosaic Grout Sealer & Waterproof Additive Material Safety Data Sheet

Also available in the craft aisle at your local Bunnings Warehouse