Mosaic Mesh 1m x 3m


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Fiberglass mesh sheet 1m x 3m. 

Creating a mosaic pattern on a wall can be very difficult if you try glue each individual tile because the tiles can slide down as the glue cures. There is an easier way. The solution is to create the design beforehand on a sheet of fiberglass mesh, and then glue the entire sheet of tile up. This allows the artist to work at a table and create detailed designs that would otherwise be all but impossible.

There are 3 things to remember when working with mosaic tile mesh:

  • Tape a piece of parchment paper to the surface of your work table so that you don't accidentally glue the mosaic tile mesh to the table. Parchment paper is used for baking and sold in most grocery stores.
  • Work in small sections, such as 1ft x 1ft. Don't try to create one sheet of mesh as big as the total mosaic. Remember, it is mush easier to match up smaller sheets into the overall design than it is to try to handle one big sheet with 50 pounds of tile falling off it.
  • It may be easier to paint the glue on the mesh and then pick the mesh up and move it to a fresh location on your work bench before placing the tiles on it to avoid getting too much glue on the backs of the tiles.