Made with Mandala Art - Q & A with J & L Mosaics


Pot plates by J&L Mosaics

We had a chat with the creative sisters, Janice Fitt and Lynda Searle, from J&L Mosaics to find out more about their mosaic business. 


When did you start creating mosaics? 

Approximately two and a half years ago.

How did J&L Mosaics come to be?

Jan had a friend in Brisbane who was doing mosaics, and due to retiring and having plenty of spare time Jan decided she would like to do them. She adapted her own style and designs. Lyn joined in once Jan moved back to Victoria.

Jan did a 3D weekend workshop with Sandy Robertson which has opened up so many more avenues for creativity.


What sort of mosaic pieces do you create?

3D pictures. Live 3Ds. Bird baths and water ponds, animal shapes, mirror sun catchers, coasters, pots, jewellery, mirrors and numerous other items. We will basically have a go at anything. 

Where do you sell your pieces? 

We run Pop up Shop from home and have a stall at Monthly Gisborne Market, Yarragon Market, Rokeby Market, Jindivick Market as well as special event markets through the year.


What is it that you love most about mosaics? 

It's very relaxing and self satisfying. Being able to test yourself to do new things particularly individuals orders. Creating and making something and having someone like it enough to buy it is the nicest compliment, this is a new experience after working for others for 47 years!

What is your favourite Mandala Art glass?

2cm Stained Glass tiles, Mirror Tiles and 12mm solid block tiles.



Butterflies by J&L Mosaics

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