Mosaic House Number

Step 1.


Using a permanent marker, carefully draw out your house number design onto a suitable outdoor surface (a suitable outdoor surface would be a surface that will not decay in the weather over time, e.g. Marine ply or concrete sheeting are great outdoor surfaces. It is also recommended that you waterproof your surface before use with a sealer recommended for the surface you are working on. It's a good idea to ask your specialist hardware store about surfaces and get their advice before buying your mosaic surface).

WARNING! When smashing and handling the Mandala Art glass range, we advise you to take the necessary precautions and use safety glasses and safety gloves. The nature of glass when smashed is that it produces tiny pieces of shard glass that can easily get lodged in the skin when handling. It is our advice to keep your working area clean and tidy at all times so that shard glass can be easily detected. Take your time and be safe.

Step 2.

Cover your large 8x5cm Fire red Mandala Art glass tiles with a hardy cloth then gently tap on the wrapped pieces of glass with a Mandala Art Breaking pick. The objective here is to smash the glass and get nice big random-shaped pieces to use in your design.

NOTE! Smashing your pieces too hard can result in a waste of glass as some pieces will become too small to work with. It is advised that after each tap unwrap the glass and look at the breaks and even separate the well smashed pieces before tapping the glass again. You can keep smashing the pieces until you get the size you need.

Step 3.

Now that you have successfully broken up your glass tiles you can plan your mosaic. Starting around the edges of your design, find the glass pieces that fit the shape of the number and using a small amount of Mandala Art mosaic glue paste on the back of each tile piece, carefully press the tile down. You must leave a 1-2mm gap between each piece so that you can work the grout into those gaps at the end of your mosaic.

NOTE! You want to make sure when sticking the glass pieces down that you don?t use too much glue. Only a small amount of glue should come out the sides when you push down on your tile. You DONT want the glue to raise up above the tile height when you push down as this will easily be seen when you come to grouting your mosaic in the later stages. HOWEVER, you should make sure that you use enough glue so that the pieces will stay stuck.


Step 4.

After you have filled in the number you can now frame the outside of the mosaic with the Mandala Art mini mosaic tiles. We have used two different colours of the mini tiles, Mirror and Warp Speed. Stick two Warp Speed pieces down then a single Mirror piece down and repeat this pattern to produce a really impressive colour structure. Remember to still leave a 1-2mm gap between each piece the same way you did in the last step. In addition you should leave a 2mm gap from the mini pieces to the outside edge of your board. 

Step 5.

Using Mandala Art Large 8x5cm tiles in Fantasy Sky, repeat step 2 and 3 and fill in the remainder of the mosaic house number. 

Step 6.

Now that you have completed filling in your glass tiles into your mosaic house number, it is time to Grout your masterpiece. It is very important to get into good habits when grouting, as it can be a very messy and frustrating process if done incorrectly. Prepare your workspace and have the following things at your disposal: a bucket of water, clean up rags, 3 or 4 dry sponges, a Mandala Art squeegee and sponge kit if possible. It is also recommended that you grout where you are able to make a bit of a mess e.g. in the garage rather than inside on the carpet.

NOTE! You can buy grout pre-mixed or in powder form. Be sure to read all the instructions on the packet before grouting and follow the mixing guidelines.

Prepare your grout mix in a clean bucket. Your aim is to achieve a lump-free mixture with the consistency of toothpaste. Spread the grout over your mosaic making sure to work the grout into all gaps using a Mandala Art squeegee. 

Step 7.

Once the grout is in all gaps wipe off all excess grout with the squeegee. Keep doing this until the surface of the mosaic is free of chunks of grout.

Step 8.

Slightly dampen a thick clean Mandala Art sponge and wipe over the surface of the mosaic cleaning the thicker grout off the surface of the tiles. You can keep repeating this process by rotating the sponge 180 degrees to other clean side and wiping over the surface again. The tiles will keep getting cleaner and cleaner the more you wipe over them however make sure the sponge is clean each time. Eventually you will be left with a powdery film over the surface of your mosaic. At that stage you should let the mosaic dry for at least 3 hours.

Step 9.

Now that the grout has dried, the powdery film can be easily polished off using a soft rag.

TIP: If you have spots of thicker grout on your glass that you can?t polish off, use a small amount of white vinegar on a cotton tip.

WOW it looks amazing! Congratulations on completing your Mosaic house number.

NOTE: If the grout you are using does not contain a sealer, you should apply a suitable sealant over the piece to fully waterproof your number.

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